Step aside Pareto!

Hi all. This blog, as you can no doubt see from the scant insertion of articles has been in abeyance for some time now – as I’ve not really had much “quality” time to devote to it. Occasionally I have had that moment of inspiration in which one has the impetus to scramble to the keyboard and wax lyrically about the latest development in the world of Technology Enhanced Learning, or “TEL” as we Learning Technologists call it, only to fall foul of the Pareto’s famous principle, or the 80/20 rule, where to make the article “fit” the rigid boundaries of what I would qualify as TEL I have to spend 80% of my time writing about the aspects of the blog which would in effect constitute only 20% of the finished article.

Well, I don’t know about you other bloggers out there, (or is it just me?) but because of this aspect of blog writing, I’ve struggled to find the time to cultivate suitably tailored articles to commit to my (this) blog – not because I don’t think that I have anything interesting or constructive to say – but because the way I first envisaged my blog was that I would write perfectly pruned, cultivated articles that were tailored specifically and exactly to the subject of TEL.

As one who has set up dozens of blogs for academic colleagues, and trained them on their setup, use and content management, etc – I have found myself (ashamed to say) becoming unstuck with blog writing myself – and not listening to my own advice – now where have I heard that before?. Recently I have I have had a re-evaluation of what should be in my blog, after observing that in the real world not many things “fit” within rigid boundaries, and therefore my blog could in effect be no exception.

So – I’ve decided that my blog will still be about Technology, Learning, and enhancement, but, I have given myself permission to go off piste, and delve in to what really makes me tick. Before you nod off I’ll cut to the chase – I am interested in technology, yes, but what gets me interested and makes me sit up and take notice is what happens in the thin gap between us, humans, and the technology – the tectonic zone that is the boundary between us and the technology.

That ever-shifting gap, that causes us to embrace or recoil from certain technologies, that interface where technology is adopted or rejected, for me, is where the action is. Technology is shaping everything we do, and we are shaping everything it does for us, and that two way interchange between society and what we call technology is what is exciting for me?

Any thoughts? Answers on a postcard.

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